Elephants are going down the tube. We can name a number. Rhinos, they can’t seem to stop the poaching of either elephants or rhinos no matter what, when you have poachers using automatic weapons and the rangers in the national parks using World War I rifles, you know, it just doesn’t add up that they can handle that. So we have to start thinking, I believe on what’s going to happen and how can people with the space can be used to help the zoos if we really need to have a depository for specimens that we can’t house in the zoo and not stop the breeding. I am not very fond of people who come in and tell me, “Well, now you have to stop. You’ve got to stop breeding snow leopards because your gene pool is ruining the snow leopard population.” There’s something not right about that to me. We ought to be able to handle it in a different manner. Now, it’s easier with antelopes than snow leopards.