Well, that’d be really great, but, you know, still camera too.” And next thing I knew I had a 16 millimeter turret lens camera, and a case of 16 millimeter film and a brand new Kodak, the best Kodak camera that they were making at that time and off I went with this group from Rochester, fabulous people, wonderful, they were so easy to have with me and they just soaked up the information about what they were seeing in the national parks over there. It was East Africa and we based it on George Eastman’s first trip when he went with, I think it was Henry Ford. He and Henry Ford went over there and they actually did glass, I don’t remember if they’re negatives or slides and developed those right there in Africa. And that’s another thing that the Kodak people did. They said, “Look, we have all these stuff in the Eastman House,” which is a museum in Rochester, the George Eastman House. And they said, “We have all these pictures and glass slides and so on, why don’t you pick out the ones you’d like, and we’ll see if we can’t make copies for you?” So they did that and I sold the safari by showing all these pictures that George Eastman took in the early days. So that went so well, that when I left Rochester then to go to another zoo, I continued the safari business as well. Instead of taking vacations, I’d take a group on safari.