The first time I took a group on a safari was a 1967 and it was in Rochester, New York. I wanted to go over the years and never thought that would be possible, but it became something not only possible, but regular for me over the years, because the first one was so successful. And the reason it was so successful was Kodak. Kodak was right across the river from the zoo. And the greatest photographers that Kodak had would come over in the evening for meetings. And I always provided them with an animal to photograph, and they’d have the meetings at the zoo. And so I got to know these fellows. And so when I told them I’m going to Africa and they said, “Well, what kind of camera are you gonna take?” I said, “Well, I, you know, just, I don’t have much of a camera.” They said, “Well, what do you need?” I said, “Well, I’d like to take movies.