Well, at the same time, Korea was happening and I enlisted in the army and I wanted to see how far I could go in the military. I applied for and got the opportunity to go to officer’s candidate school. I also met my sweetheart at the university and all of these things were happening at one time. And I found myself getting married at 21 and three months after I got my commission as a second lieutenant, I was on my way to Korea, where I spent a year and was away from the zoo for that year. But in the process of being away from the zoo, I found that Earl Davis, the zoo director, was in touch with my wife, Phyllis, and keeping her informed that he wanted me back at the zoo rather than stay in the military. And finally, I found myself coming back from Korea and having to make that decision. And he offered a curatorship, the curator of mammals, and it sounded pretty good. And that’s how I began my rise, you might say with a good deal of experience by that time and just plain living as an adult and also learning about what the zoos were all about.