And Rochester, you know, is pretty good community, a Kodak and Xerox, and it sounded like there was great opportunity there. And I found out what they were looking for is someone who could come in and plan a new zoo for this new county park department that had a zoo now. And it’s as part of their operation. And I turned the job down three times and finally the park director, I happened to have known the park director. We were both in the American Institute of Park Executives as members by then. And he said, “Look, you just have to think about this. Can you come?” And I talked with, I think it was Warren Thomas, my friend from the old days who was by this time a veterinarian and so on. And I said, “You know, I’ve always thought, what if I just had the opportunity to design from scratch a new zoo?” And I came home and I talked to my wife about it and said the same thing to her.