The direction that the zoo was going in was pretty good at the time Earl Davis was the director, but there was a lot of opportunity there, a lot of opportunity for me to have the input that I needed to have, because I am now, I’m taking his place. So I found myself working with architects and engineers and designers, but telling them what I wanted. And I spent the rest of my zoo career telling them what I wanted and saying, “Okay, now you put it on paper and you show it to me. You show me what I’m thinking.” And if it looked proper, that’s what we would do. One time though, I remember I have to mention this because it was beyond me to ever do such a thing, but Earl had planned a new bear exhibit, a row of bear cages, which was typical of those days. And he went out and we staked out the way he wanted it. And I looked at it over a period of time and I thought, wait a minute, there’s something not right here. So, one night I went out and I moved the stakes and I didn’t mention it to him.