So the local Indians who were quite Aboriginal they thought I was crazy, totally crazy. They said I’d never climbed the trees, but I did that with spurs and then I brought those eagles back to America and I was on The Today Show with Dave Galloway. And it so happened that Marlin Perkins, who I’d met in Silver Springs, Florida when he was down there. I think I mentioned the story where I did a Zoo Parade show in 1954 or five in Florida. And my mentor, John Hamlet said to Marlin and I’ll have the boy go get the eagle even though I was in my mid-twenties, he was calling me a boy in those days. Anyway, I brought the eagles back and I had them at that Birds of Prey area, but I went to New York and took them on the Today Show. And Marlin Perkins had gotten, it was the sort of the end of Zoo Parade in those days.