And on the freighter halfway to Cape town, he said, “By the way, Jim, “I want you to live trap a lion “so that we can release it in a big compound. “And I wanna be the first white hunter to shoot a lion “in a full charge on camera.” Well, in those days lions were vermin in this particular area where we were up in, it was near Angola and they were killing some people. So the paramount chief of a country called Barotseland gave us permission to kill a few lions ’cause they were making dinner out of some of the local Africans in the villages. So anyway, (laughs) I got involved in a thing like that, in Africa and was quite successful which I won’t get into that whole story now. But it gave me the confidence when I came back from Africa, I was on the… I was 25 days on a freighter coming back with a lot of animals and hit the perfect storm up in Boston. And then eventually made my way down to New York ’cause they wanted me to do The Today Show. The freighter company wanted me and set it up.