When we lose the fertility of the soils, we as a species on this planet are done for. So we gotta let the forest, the only thing that can heal that is that the forest will grow, then we can go over there like a farmer knows so well and utilize the other section for 400 years. But we gotta start thinking about this planet in long-term rotations, because once we get 50% of this earth more or less occupied and created into something that’s artificial, we’re on a dead end street. So whether we like it or not, we’re gonna have to… And by the way, the areas that are being rotated, the ones that are regrowing. Some of that, that’s where we can bring tourism from all over the world to bring in income on the forests that are still there. The ones that are primeval forest, and we can use those to (indistinct) just like we send people to the forest to (indistinct). We can earn money off the wildlife.