And we need to start talking much more to people about how great it is to get involved with the outdoors and the mystery and the adventure of it. Not be afraid of going camping, how to innovate, you know, there some survivors shows out there right now, but unfortunately some of those survivors shows they have a housing, I mean a mobile home, or just off camera that they’re living in, It’s showing others, but it’s not. I think that’s the wrong concept. I think we have to learn about how integrate our modern society into providing for ourselves, but not, let’s say revert to some other time which it’s no longer necessary whether internet and our cell phones all like that. We have to bring that survival thing more into a psychological survivor, by believing in ourselves and also having self-esteem. Right now we’re making it very difficult for people growing up to have self-esteem because the world has become very competitive. So I think what will help with that is to focus on your passions and teach people, young people, how to develop passions about things, following their passions. You’ve said that, and we’ve talked about it a little with the designing and space.