That’s why I designed an experience on a safari where I give the animals space, by the way, it doesn’t cost a whole lot to put a fence through the woods to meet all the USDA standards. But it does cost a lot when you’re trying to create in a small area something that looks like the wild, and many zoological parks don’t have the space to really utilize big open areas. They have to create smaller spaces. So I began to realize we had, in the beginning, we had about 800 acres at Chiho Park, and 500 of that was a recreation area. It had been a small state park and it was too small for the state park system. But I realized that we had 200 acres that we could turn into a safari area. I’ve been on many safaris in Africa, (chuckles) but this is not an ordinary safari. The whole concept of the facility that I tried to get built at Chiho Park and design was a bit of an adventure.