See here’s the point, I don’t think it’s should be against the law to work with animals and grow up wanting to work with animals and raising young animals when you’re a kid and wanting to work with animals. I don’t think there should be a law against that. I do think there should be a law against clear cutting a forest, destroying a wetlands and those things, but not to wanna work with an animal. Many times it’s that person like Cathryn Hilker from the Cincinnati Zoo and Laurie, who did the work on the cheetahs in Namibia, Laurie Marker. Both of those people grew up with the opportunity to work with cheetahs and work with animals personally. Laurie Marker has done a tremendous job in focusing on the plight of the cheetahs in Africa. And she has a huge area now where they’re raising cheetahs. And she goes to the farmers right in Namibia and tries to get them to stop killing cheetahs.