And I without hesitation I say, “Well, my disease was that nobody told me “what I couldn’t do.” Now, if I wanna get an applause, if I’m speaking to a group and I say, “I got that disease nobody told me what I couldn’t do.” And I said, “And let’s hope is always that way in America.” And boy, I get a tremendous applause when I do that. But anyway, it’s true. Nobody told me what I couldn’t do. So not too long after graduation, I went down to a place in Florida called Birds of Prey near Ocala it was near Silver Springs and I was training cheetahs and flying eagles and the falcons before the public, it was an attraction. And that’s when I started expressing myself because somebody came through there, he seemed a little strange, but he wanted me to go to Africa with him and do a film. Well, I would’ve given my right arm to get to Africa. So I pushed off to Africa and got to live with the Kalahari Bushman. And then I came back to America and decided to go study the giant harpy eagles in the Amazon.