We’re the custodians of all life on this planet. We can blow off a atomic bomb and kill everything there is alive on this planet if we want to. But we are in danger of liking those animals that we think we can understand that they look a little human, but something that doesn’t look human like a rhino or many of the insects and things like that. See, a rhino is pretty hard to say a rhino looks cute. We don’t necessarily worry about their populations as much as we would a monkey or something like that. It has more of an anthropomorphic appeal to it. So when I’m in front of people, I have to realize that their first tendency is to try to judge the animals very anthromorphically, like this is cute, this is dangerous, this is a killer. And unfortunately in the zoo world, unfortunately in the past, I’m afraid that some of them have not taken a lead in this area of communication.