See I thought it was a talk show and there were no cameras around. And then the George had accidentally run over a little squirrel. And his girlfriend who was in the car made him take it to a vet because he had injured the squirrel. And so it ended up, it was costing him a lot of money ’cause it supposedly they had to bring special tools from Australia all the way up to New York to operate on the squirrel. And George he heard I was in the studio, at Kramer studio. So he appears with this squirrel in a sack. And then my big line was, “Hey, you idiot, hawks, eat squirrels.” And then the hawk comes over after George and they cut to a look on his face with scratches all over him. But the beautiful thing about that production, they cut to each person’s face as the hawk flew in front of me, the look on their face.