Of course. All right later on I got the snake back in the holding area and it broke loose when it got really healthy and a kitchen apart, snake that weighed over 200 pounds, and I could see the trail going through the forest. It was about that wide, and I followed it and it went in there and then didn’t encounter a temporary encampment for the Indians. And I could see a big area where there had been a struggle and the Indians were very angry at me because they had lost their favorite dog. And that snake (laughs) had gone over there. Apparently, what had happened, the dog came out barking at the snake and the snake then was very hungry. Thank goodness it didn’t use me as it’s meal, but the snake then when the dog turned to run and when the snake struck, the snake got it on the backside and with his grapple hooks his jaws and the dog wasn’t as smart as I was. See, the dog kept struggling.