You often will. If you go into shock, you lose control. And that’s the way some animals kill other animals. I don’t wanna get off on another subject, but if a buffalo’s that weighs 2000 pounds is attacked by four or five lions, the lions jumping on his back, they don’t break his neck, but when they bite into the buffalo and put the talons in there, the animal goes into shock. And often that buffalo is, it may be nature’s way of assisting in the death of something, predation. ‘Cause often that buffalo is unconscious before it’s killed because of the shock of being bitten or that’s why a tooth or a clause, (clears throat) excuse me, such a dangerous situation to being bitten (indistinct). So I know how to keep myself from going into shock, but you have to focus on what’s happening. And so by not struggling, the snake decided it didn’t wanna have me for lunch.