So he wasn’t sure whether I’d had a concussion or what. So I woke up a little bit later at 90 miles an hour, trying to get to the hospital in what was in soldiery ’cause he didn’t know quite what happened, but he had his survival kit with him. And his survival kit, the first thing he did was to shave all the hair off on that part of my head. And then he had something called Plastic New Skin that he sprayed all in my hair, in my head, you now, it was kind of like putting stitches up there. And I woke up in this Land Rover on the way to the hospital which was a hundred miles away at high speed and I started felt my head. It was just a superficial cut on my scalp, but he thought he’d broken my skull. And my God, I was on camera. And yet he had shaved my head and sprayed this Plastic New Skin in my hair.