And then break off the limbs at the top of the tree, which were quite small up there. Then the helicopter would come in about a hundred feet up, and come down and you would go from the top of the tree up to the skid of the helicopter. That’s how they got you out of there, ’cause… And you had, by the way, fascinating that you had to use a chain to go down to tie up the deer and put it in a sack because if you used a rope and it was in a forest and the rope got caught on a limb and the helicopter started going up, that rope would stretch and when it came loose go through the rotor blades, and that would be the end of you. So the chain didn’t have that flexibility. So learning how to climb down a chain a hundred feet long is pretty interesting, you had to put around your foot certain way to go down. So I had that experience of climbing the trees in the Amazon, so that wasn’t a big deal. But then they invented a system where they had a net gun that a net that shot out of a gun.