And they started overpopulating the areas, especially the red deer up in the mountains. So we got involved with the head of the helicopter company who had a freighter anchored off doubtful sound down on the coast. And he had flies helicopters from there, and his people would catch these red deer, take them down to a deer ranch there quite a few, very big, a well operated deer ranches in New Zealand. Of course, the venison was sold in Europe and all over the place. So it was an ideal show. And I ended up being the guy who ended up in the helicopters and had to go down a chain, a hundred feet down to tie up the red deer after we darted it, you know, it would go under the effects, and I would go down with their capture team and help tie up the red deer and then we would… (laughs) Boy, you talk about some nervous times. I remember luckily I had climbed trees in the Amazon and everything else. But luckily I had to go back up a tree they’re called beech trees there, and climb from the bottom up with no ladders or anything.