(sighs) My relationship with Marlin Perkins, I always… I got to know Marlin’s family quite well naturally, and I really respected his wife, Carol, who just passed away a few weeks ago, a month or so ago. Carol was sort of the person behind the scenes you might say, who really was dedicated to Marlin and gave him a lot of his strength, I think, to do what he was doing and supported him. I think if my relationship with Marlin changed for a while, I stopped doing Wild Kingdom in the 70s and then Mutual of Omaha insisted that I get back in the show in the 80s. And when Marlin wasn’t feeling very well, I was back in the program and then I became so-called a host after Marlin passed away. But now, I think Marlin and I, we… I remember one time Marlin enjoyed martinis occasionally. And but I remember (laughs) sometimes the pressure of filming in the studios, you know, we were down in St. Louis quite often.