And I had to be very careful that the eagle couldn’t reach out off my arm and grab me in the stomach even though it was perfectly relaxed when it was with me. They do have an aggressive, competitive attitude. I don’t try to judge an animal. I judge it according to what I see and what I learn, not as another human being. That’s probably saved my life a few times. (chuckles) Anyway, the eagle, I didn’t wanna let her off the line. So I finally said, all right, I’ll fly this eagle that weighs 20 pounds, seven foot wings spread, talents big enough to break your fingers in your hand.” I said, I’ll fly it from a limb down to my fist. We’ll see how it goes, and I may take the line off. Now, today with digital cameras, you can erase anything you want to, but in those days on film, it was hard for them to take the line off out of the scene.