In Zurich, my wife raised 13 non-human primates, starting from capuchin and wooly monkeys up to orangutans and gibbons and gorillas. And that’s very typical. In Frankfurt, during the 14 years, there were only two left, one capuchin and one Bonobo. Because, first of all, through a necessity to hand-rear was no longer as great as before because in the meantime, mothers learn to care for their offspring. And in the meantime, we no longer needed really every young animal born. And there might be some deficiencies in hand-rear but on the other side, we have an orangutan that my wife hand-reared who is much more clever than all the zoo-reared orangutans. In fact, she makes difficulties, destroying the netting over her enclosure. And so in Frankfurt, in 14 years, it was only two left.