Well, I have had three superior and the one in the middle really helped me whenever he could. Time my three, the one that appointed me and was fired by her party and then the one with whom I did most of the new constructions and then the one that acted when I retired. And that’s a question that occurs in most zoos. Usually, about one-third of the visitors come from the city itself, about one-third from the region about 50 kilometers or so or 100 kilometers around, and about one-third from further away. And of course, in Frankfurt, the zoo belongs to the city and the city is paying all the expenses that are not covered by the entry fees. And there were some times big discussions with the land, that would be a state in North America, the hesha wouldn’t cover part of the cost, maybe 50/50, as it occurs in Zurich. There were some politicians in Frankfurt that were very narrow-minded and said no, that’s a zoo of the city of Frankfurt. I always said, if there are enough zeroes on the donation, I would call it whatever you want.