Frankfurt Zoo is only 11 hectares in size. That is tiny and surrounded by the city. And when I arrived, there were Shetland ponies, there were pygmy goats and so on, but just in ordinary enclosures. That was probably the first change of an exhibit because it was the cheapest, I could do it immediately, that I made an access for children to the pygmy goat enclosure. I think it’s very, very important that we reach every age class on the level they need. And you cannot tell a three-year-old child, that’s a alcap and an endangered species and we’ll spend money for the Congo and so on. But a small child, especially in a large city, that probably has no pet at home, no dog, no cat, this child has to get the opportunity to touch an animal, to caress an animal. And I always made the strict distinction, domesticated species are for the use of humans, including children’s zoo.