I think, well, for me, a zoo director has to love animals, that’s the most important part. Maybe we are coming back up to what a zoo director should be. And so a person loving animals cannot stay 10, 12 hours a day just in the office and just to welcome people and to solve personal problems and so on. But he needs to go out to the zoo. And I think there is a difference between zoos led by zoologists or vets who really cares as before as curators for animals and love animals and no the profession from the peak, even from keeps level to curator level. And then a director sees, or here you have to fix something and that’s not good and that’s dirty and so on. And I think you see a difference between zoos where professional zoo biologists make rounds, regular rounds and those that are led by administrators and hardly ever go to the zoo and probably wouldn’t know what to look for outside in the zoo.