So even when he opened the zoo again, later in 1945, with very, very few animals in very bad and closures, the people came in big crowds to visit the zoo. And it was, you can say, a luck for the zoo that the zoo was almost destroyed because in this way, Grzimek was able to actually newly rebuild the zoo. And this was a golden time, when Grzimek was director and his assistant director was Richard Faust because Mr. Faust was a wonderful zoo biologist, but a very shy person. So he did the homework and Grzimek sold the homework done by Richard Faust. So this was really a wonderful time for Frankfurt Zoo. And Grzimek retired in 1974 and Faust became director. And, unfortunately, there were not much development before I started in 1994. There was no new animal exhibit for 16 years and that’s, of course, very bad for a zoo, no new exhibits.