Well, the master plan in Frankfurt was a very difficult one because I was hired in Frankfurt Zoo to start a county zoo of over 60 hectares. But after moving to Frankfurt, it was very clear to me that Frankfurt is not yet ready for this county zoo, especially there’s no money for the county zoo. And Frankfurt Zoo is a tiny zoo of only 11 hectares and the best way would have been to start the county zoo, move all the large animals to the county zoo, then re-do the city zoo. But, I couldn’t do this so I had to do master planning for this tiny city zoo with all animals in it. And we made two levels. The first level until the opening of the county zoo and the second level after the opening of the county zoo, when the large animals have been moved out. And so we always have had to develop different aims. For example, all the American and African animals would have gone to the county zoo, but a zoo cannot live without hippos and giraffes.