What species do you want to retain for educational reasons, for conservation reasons, to attract visitors, that’s an important point as well. I think you couldn’t run a zoo just with mallard ducks that looks like a mallard. And then I was always keen to start mixed exhibits for species from the same geographical region and from the same habitat. And then you plan the sizes you need, the inside-outside enclosures, what sliding doors and so on. And then you select the architect, which I’m not sure how it works in North America, but in Europe, especially in the European Union, it’s very difficult procedure because you might get an architect in Germany coming from Greece or from Portugal, not speaking German. But I really was quite successful in Frankfurt. For example, we made selection criteria that the architect has to speak German, that his office is in the surrounding of 300 kilometers around Frankfurt and that he has experience in planning and realizing good zoo exhibits. And with this, we were able to really concentrate on very few good architects among which we could select.