And I said, they can’t be anything wrong, Mr. Becker, your it’s your, you know, your accountants that did our audit. And the good thing about it was was that from that point on, I really didn’t, you know, really didn’t ever have very much problems. I mean, they, the prediction that they’d let me do pretty much anything I wanted to do came pretty much true. There was one other board president that was, you know, every once in a while, you remember things that, because the board has, was kind of used to scrutinizing five and $10 purchases and the board president always co-signed all the checks. And so down, down the road just a few years, during that first part, we got rid of the, we kind of got rid of the monthly board meetings, ended up with four board meetings a year. So that saved a lot of time and energy. And we got rid of all the committees except three. Now when you were under Warren Thomas, he was director, you were assistant director and veterinarian, and curator, was the, the budget wasn’t balanced.