So we’ve, we’ve designed five different models of dart gun. And I’ve got a sixth model on the drawing boards right now and actually have a prototype made that can be made with CNC. And those early days where I, you know, I have dinner, read the newspaper and then about 10 o’clock go downstairs into the basement. And, you know, once I turned on the machine, I was there until about two o’clock in the morning and that’s, you know, that’s all well and good when you’re in your 40s, but when you get into your 70s, going down and turning on that machine. And so I’ve got one design that can be totally made with CNC equipment and I could have made outside. I just ran out of time and, and the willingness to go down and work in the basement until two o’clock in the morning. And, but, you know, we’ve, we’ve made, I don’t know, maybe 250 dart guns that have been, gone all over the world and then got into making blowpipes, blow guns and darts, and, and designed a red plastic tailpiece that makes the, the Palmer dart much, much more effectively. So basically, you know, the gun, that’s what we came up with and designed as a, has a valve on it.