And then a couple people saw it, came through and saw it and they wanted one. So then I, I had a lathe in my basement in Omaha and, and so, cause I would, I’d been a gun, you know, kind of an amateur gunsmith. And cause it really started out with amateur gunsmithing, not having to do with the zoo world, and a couple of people through, and then it got to be three or four more. And then, you know, I suddenly realized, wait, you know, wait a minute, I’ve made about 10 of these dang things. And so I rethought it, redrew it and talked to a neighbor who was involved with pharmaceutical company about what he thought as far as marketing. And, and he kind of encouraged me and, and patented it and made a pole syringe, which we are still, you know, we’re still selling pole syringes today. We’re still shipping them all over, you know, all over everywhere. And then, then after the pole syringe, why then developed a, modified a couple of other dart guns and then decided that really had a, maybe a better idea and so designed and developed the dart gun and, and actually, you know, the dart, the last dart guns we shipped was in fives, model five.