You never knew quite what the thing was going to do. And so, you know, my first, you know, quote unquote dart gun was that I picked up a Remington rolling block, 50-70 saddle carbine, an old, you know, an old military, you know, cavalry carbine, and made a, you know, a false chamber for it so I could shoot it, it’d shoot a 22 blank and with some restriction and still had some problem with what velocity you were going to get out of the end. It, we needed, we needed something else. We needed something else. And actually, even though I was using that gun, actually I didn’t go directly in the manufacturing, dart guns. My, the first thing that I made and patented was, was a pole syringe because, you know, you didn’t always need a, a gun that would reach way out. You needed something that would, that would, you know, they would get you an injection at five or six or four feet without getting your arm torn off. And so made a pole syringe out of, again, out of necessity.