It seemed like it was a more useful discipline. I mean, it, from a, you know, from a standpoint of doing something useful for the animals, for being able to do something on a zoo wide basis, it was a much more useful discipline because not only the medical aspects, but nutrition, you know, in veterinary, you get nutrition, genetics. You get a whole broad spectrum of, of exposures and skills that seemed like a much more useful discipline. Part of the reason was that I had, was also working with an old time ex cavalry vet, Dr. Carlson, who was a really neat guy. And I was, I was, you know, that raised in pet skunks and deodorizing pet skunks. He taught me how to deodorize pet skunk. Actually I paid my tuition and all expenses for the first year and a half or so, or maybe close to the grad undergraduate school by raising and selling pet skunks. And, and actually, he kind of helped me come to that conclusion that, that the veterinary medicine was, was a good discipline to attack something with.