Well, I think so. Yeah, we did a, we did a lot of, you know, we did a lot of things. I mean, it was advancing the, you know, I mentioned a while ago that the, you know, the, in the course of things, there are certain people that both influence you and also influence, you know, the world you live in, in this case, the zoo world. Clinton Gray was, Dr. Clint Gray, who at the National Zoo. Cause of course, Ted Reed was the director then, and he was a veterinarian, but he wasn’t practicing and hadn’t practiced for years. But Clint Gray, when I first, first time I went to the National Zoo and met Clint, I was kind of awed by this older guy who seemed to know everything and do whatever. And as it turns out, Clint had worked for the government for a long time for 20 years, but he’d been, been all over the world, but he and I started our zoo careers at exactly the same month. But Clint Gray had a really profound effect on veterinary medicine in the zoo world in that he helped organize.