I just, ran my finger around the rim and stuck it on my tongue. So, you know, the guy was a weightlifter, but he did a little ballet for me, told him, you know, he thought he could bend iron bars, that he was, you know, he could do anything, but he didn’t want to. I mean, it was, it was about five or six hours that we sat with him and he described as, that was damned interesting. And then of course we locked the Sernylan up. Then of course he, you know, he would never have done it again. He was, you know, he was a really incredibly good guy, but he just got curious to listen to these guys talk. But we used, that was the beginning of having a immobilizing agent that you can actually use on zoo animals. And that was the first use, you know, in, in about 19 64, 63 of using Sernylan on a great ape, or any, or any zoo animal.