And, you know, there are a lot of animals you can’t use, you know, you can’t use barbiturates on any of the, of the big cats because they, you know, they’ll sleep for two weeks. And then Sernylan, phencyclidine came along as an experimental drug just as I got to Columbus. So I was the first, I was the first guy to actually dart a gorilla or an orang with Sernylan, with phencyclidine, because it was still an experimental drug. And in fact, they ended up with some of the guys from, you know, the pharmaceutical company sitting around my office talking about how, you know, three to five milligrams of Sernylan was better than three martinis with the guy who ran my hospital listening in. And he was, you know, he was, he was the, a 56 year old ex circulation manager for the Cincinnati Inquire, a really bright guy. But curious, came back from lunch a couple of days later, and he was doing some funny things and he admitted that he just, his curiosity got the best of him. He just unscrewed this bottle with all this powder in it, licked his finger, ran it around the rim, because I said, how much did you take. He said I don’t know.