And we had the largest collection of poisonous snakes in the world there. Only about 10% of it on display. We had a huge collection. And because of the fact that I’d started out as a herpetologist and because I knew Bob Jenny and all of that, I think I was the first veterinarian that Lou had ever trusted or, you know, so some interesting stories about some of the stuff that, that we did with Lou, you know, like taking tumors out of a about a nine foot black forest Cobra that was loose in a room with us for about 45 minutes because Lou didn’t want to hurt his snake. And I was begging, you know, gimme a, gimme a snake hook. Cause I was just trying to run around the room, trying to stay out of the way of Lou and that damn snake ’cause a nine foot Cobra is a, you know, forced Cobra, tree Cobras are not slow and they’re aggressive. But yeah, but Lou, you know, Lou was head of reptiles and, but it was a great experience. It was kind, but it was kind of a thing that, you know, you almost had to leave if you’d leave of your own free will ’cause a lot of people didn’t leave at their own free will.