No, he, yeah. He hired me as, he hired me as mammals curator and Columbus was in turmoil in those days. It was very, very political. Steve, you know, the reason I made the move up was that Steve got fired, and it was a very political place, political zoo. And I had made a really good decision when the, when the chance to move up, I had a choice of becoming assistant director, which of course was a political appointment or taking a professional appointment as staff veterinarian, which on some advice, as it turns out, the city attorneys back in the 1800s, it included vets and an MDs in. So they didn’t seem too self-serving. It was a political appointee, I mean, a professional appointment, which from which you couldn’t be fired unless you were convicted of a felony or, or your license revoked. So for three years in Columbus, I pretty much ran rampant.