But the interesting thing was is that the National Zoo, you know, with Clint Gray and well, then Mitch Bush and, and Dave Wilton and that group, and then Ulie Seale. And I want to talk a little bit about Ulie somewhere in this thing, because Ulie bears actually a kind of a full day all to himself, as far as the positive impact that he’s had on the zoo world. They had a research staff, they had all kinds of, you know, they had all kinds of resources and facilities, but the National Zoo at the, in those days had a policy where nobody could touch an animal that wasn’t sick. So, and we didn’t have any committees. We didn’t, we didn’t have any such restrictions. And so, so on a regular, fairly frequent basis before we ever had any, any research staff of our own, we would about twice a year put together a group that usually consists of Mitch Bush and Dave Wilt and Jamil Howard and the troops from the National Zoo, usually Ulie Seale, and some of his people and whoever was interested, we put them, we’d put a group together. We’d come in and tackle a project. Early on, it was as you might expect with Dave involved, a lot of reproductive physiology, a lot of artificial insemination and, and type of projects.