Well, I think I, well, I, I think about everybody that knew anything that. You know, I mean, one of the things that you learned early on as a veterinarian is the number one, you know, you didn’t know anything. I mean, you didn’t know nearly enough, you didn’t know nearly enough to do the job. So, so, you know, very early on you, you, you know, you figured out and identified who the guys were that had either more experience to you or had, you know, better skills at something. And, you know, one of the things that, that as vets, you know, we, you know, we had our, our little public, you know, first started a little mimeograph sheets and then our little publications, but we also kind of had a good idea there were so few of us about who, who knew what. You know, guys like (mumbles), Emil Dolensek at the Bronx. Emil was a really, really good clinician and, and diagnostician, and Clint Gray and Mitch Bush. And, and so you got on the phone.