They do their full junior and senior curriculum at the zoo five days a week for a full day. And they’re doing all of the curriculum at the zoo. And we’re exposing those students to, not just the normal curriculum, but because we expose them to a lot of hands-on things, both in medicine and genetics and nutrition and you know, our rare plant lab, we run them through the full spectrum of the conservation research that we’re doing. And also some of the zoo management. And what we’re, the goal is to expand that into a full time magnet high school, which I think we would be overrun with. We wouldn’t have an, even at 400 spaces, we wouldn’t have enough space for all the students, I think that you could attract, and have it be area-wide, district-wide. The other part of the education program, when we did our conservation research building, the first one, one of the things that we did was we had two floors of, of research space, but the third floor, the upper floor was a dormitory. And then we came on, you know, about five years ago, six years ago, and double that.