Cause in those days, docents were all women, you know, to, to come in and be volunteers, you know, cause we didn’t have very much staff. And she said, well, it’s real easy to talk to the junior league. They start things. They don’t run things or finish things, but they’re good at starting things. So we rounded up six junior league ladies. Started, did it, you know, some organization and a little bit of training and then put an ad in the paper that we were going to start a docent program, a volunteer program to do education at the zoo and got way more volunteers than we had, you know, even remotely inspected. And you know, I did the first, you know the first two seasons, I taught the docent classes and ended up that second season with a lady down in the front row who just was eating my sack lunch every time I turned around, she was just smacking me with questions right, left and center. And so I figured, you know, after about the second day, I better find out who the heck this was.