Well, only from the standpoint that yes, it’s been successful, but only because of the fact that we endowed it. We endowed it right up front, because you’re not going to attract enough visitors in a drive-through park to pay for the maintenance. I mean, it’s just not going to happen. They did that early on in lion country, but then you, but then you were driving in amongst lions, but you know, there have been any number of quote unquote outside hired gun zoo designers that have come in and sold zoos, a packet of goods about, well, you really shouldn’t be displaying lions and tigers and things from overseas, you know. You should do native north Americans. Well, basically, you know, the realities of life is that people won’t pay you to come in and see north American animals because they can see them otherwise. There’s nothing, there’s not as much romance to, or pizzazz or sizzle or whatever you want to call it to, to a white tail deer or an elk or a bison as there, as there is to a giraffe or a sea lion or an elephant or a gorilla, it’s just, it’s not there. So we got about 95,000 to maybe 100,000 people a year through it, which is significant.