And interviewed with Steve. He took me home at night, which I was happy about because I had filled my car up. And after filling my car up, I had $19 in my pocket to get home. So, that with, you know, with a little Nash rambler, you could have gotten home, even a thousand miles for $19 in those days, if you didn’t eat. And he took me home, and the next morning, which is a Sunday morning, he, you know, I got up early and found a bathroom and showered and shaved, and got, went out, got to the newspaper and was sitting there in the, in the breakfast nook, reading the newspaper when, when Steve’s wife popped in, was a little bit surprised to see me and asked me if I’d like some bacon and eggs, asked me who I was. And I think she was used to Steve dragging strays home. And almost lost that job right then and there, I thought anyway. She put my bacon and eggs down on the table.