And so, you know, one of the things that we developed pretty early on was a philosophy of not simply having a postage stamp display collection, that where you had a pair of animals or a trio, or, you know, or four animals or whatever, but to develop breeding groups and herds and, and figure out and manage them long-term. So, you know, the net result of that is that, you know, at one time I looked out and counted. We had 55 gaur. Well, no zoo in their right mind, you know, should be feeding and taking care of 55 gaur, or you know, or, you know, or 35 or 40 stable antelope, things like, you know, things like that. But, but people talk about management and they talk about, and genetics and all of that. And if you’ve got a pair or a trio, or even two pair, you can’t manage anything, all you can do is keep them alive. You’re not managing anything because you don’t have anything to manage. You need numbers, you need to be able to mix things up.