Well, I, no, certainly there were things that I wanted to do and it had to start when I became director, I had to start a good collection. We had a lot of, of a really interesting hoofstock, you know, a big duiker collection, a lot of different species of duiker, Lord Darby’s, Eland, giant Eland, you know, sable antelope, and scimitar, we had a lot. And then, and we had by then because, you know, my, the first thing that I got to help design was before I became director, was the pachyderm building. So, you know, we had African elephants and white rhinos and one Indian rhino. The, and then then a great ape collection. And we had a good grape collection and some primates, not so much of a bird collection. But I, there were things that I wanted to do certainly. And a lot of it had to do with, with long-term breeding and genetic management.