Well then, you know, I had gone to St. Louis and St. Louis was thinking about hiring a full-time veterinarian, but it was going to be about eight months down the road before they made the decision. I had a wife and son by then that were addicted to eating. And so there was a, there was a job opening for a mammals curator in Columbus, Ohio. So my first paid zoo job was as curator of mammals at the Columbus Ohio zoo. I drove up to Columbus in a little Nash Rambler. Found a place that I could shower and put on a, you know, put on a, I cleaned some clean clothes, went into the, went into the zoo and met Steve Kelly, who was director there. But, you know, a lot of people have come out of Columbus, you know, Gordy Hebel, Louis Desabato, you know, Warren Thomas, well, Don Farst. I mean, a lot of people have come out of Columbus system.