It’s not good for the, you know, for the profession. And it’s certainly not good for the individual animals because you don’t know and you make mistakes. That’s how, that’s how a lot of mistakes are made. I, you know, there are, if you look around late in the history, the number of SSPs in the zoo world, is probably maybe not a subject you want to get me off on too much. But although I was, you know, I was coordinator of the gaur SSP from the beginning until, until the end. The number of SSPs that had been total disasters that managed their collections right almost into the ground and into ruin, you know, and we can mention black and white rough lemurs, clouded leopards, lesser pandas, (mumbles), the whole number of them in almost every instance, they were being managed by a quote quote, you know, highly educated or PhD level curator who had never, who had never scrubbed the cage, who didn’t know, who didn’t really know the animals, who really wasn’t a, an animal husbandry type. That’ll probably also get the, I guess that’s the good thing about being old and retired. You don’t have to care.