Well, I was hands on because in the early days you didn’t have any, you know, you didn’t have any choice. You had to participate in, you know, in the, you know, even as director, you know, there were times when, when you had to participate in the care and cleaning and, and I was, and because I was still getting down, really big, important thing, I think, that was really helpful to me. The fact that even as director, I was still getting down on my hands and knees and getting my hands dirty, actually treating animals and working on animals, doing surgery and, and doing all of that. Even though within a reasonably short period of time, you know, I had brought Mike July in as a curator and Tom Weaver and hired, and hired a, you know, another staff veterinarian, then all of that, still because the animals. That was the fun part of it. The fun part of it, the thing that kept your juices flowing, we’re working with the animals, you know, the mechanics, the paperwork and the fundraising and all of that. Well, you do fundraising because you find out early on that if you don’t fundraise, you don’t get to build things. So if you’re gonna build things and develop new exhibits and programs, you gotta fundraise.